5 Weird Ways of Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Day

Everyone needs to incorporate mindfulness into their day. It’s known as one of the most effective ways to beat depression and bring happiness and joy into life. Here are some of the most weird and unusual ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life.

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1: Take in Every Element of the Shower

When in the shower on a morning, give your senses the chance to wake up. Take in all the sights, sounds, and feelings while the water runs along your body. As you open your senses, you open your mind. You’ll also find your body wakes up better, so you’re ready for the day ahead.

2: Fully Interact with Your Colleagues

Don’t just laugh and smile at colleagues. Really listen to them. Be mindful of their feelings and thoughts. Don’t forget about what your body language says!

3: Meditate on the Commute to Work

On your commutes, spend some time meditating. If you’re on the train or bus, you can close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If you drive, arrange to get to work five minutes early and use that time to meditate in the car. You can even put on music or sounds to help. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to be mindful as you open your senses.

4: Do Yoga Before Bed

Exercise is good for mindfulness. Yoga is one of the most powerful forms, since you can incorporate meditation at the same time. Do it just before you go to bed to unwind from the long day.

5: Consider 5 Things You’re Grateful For

We forget about the good things in life. Before your meditation or your yoga, consider five things you’re grateful for in life or from the day. They can be as big or small as you like. Use them to focus on during meditating.

It’s time to be more mindful throughout your day. Use the tips above and you’ll be a happier and more joyful person.  Let us know how you incorporate mindfulness into your day!

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